Design School Kolding / LAB for sustainability

“Circular economy has always existed in the fashion and textile sector, we only forgot about it during the last 40 years, but the fur sector didn’t.”

This film narrated based on research from the Design School Kolding / LAB for sustainability.

We need to reconnect this connection between who is using the garment and who is making the garment and where the material comes from and where it ends.

We are worried about the development when it comes to synthetic fibres. They spread through microplastic when people wash them and also when they end on landfill.

This is why we are very occupied with natural fibres as a way to protect the environment.

We looked into the world of fur, we could tell that most fur garments have a very long life, they age very beautifully.

There’s a continuous flow of services; it is being maintained, stored, repaired, it can be redesigned and this is because the material can last for decades.

The fur sector could be a very nice example to follow for the rest of the fashion industry to know where we will need to go in the future.