Philippe Beaulieu

Philippe Beaulieu

Master Furrier Robert Beaulieu Fourrures

“The fur sector is a pool of knowledge and craftsmanship. I am passing this on to my daughter, the 5th generation furrier in the family.”

Traditionally in our business nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed. We reuse almost 100% of our waste.

Today the consumer really needs to be reassured in order to be able to make his purchase without feeling guilty.

We as professionals must provide answers on sustainability, traceability, origins of the skins, but also to transfer the garment to the following generations.

The fur sector is a pool of knowledge and craft skills. These skills are passed on from generation to generation. Knowing that today it takes at least 4, 5, 6 years minimum to train a furrier and therefore there is a real need for knowledge that no machine can replace.

For my part, my daughter will represent the 5th generation of furrier in the family.